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How does KoinKeep work? Here's what you need to know.

When we say that KoinKeep is the single most physically secure cold wallet available on the market today, we're as serious about that claim as you are about keeping your coins safe.

Designed by a Bitcoiner for people who love Bitcoin, the KoinKeep cold wallet is the first hardware wallet to offer multi-layer protection in addition to the tried and tested multi-signature protection.

KoinKeep is also the first hardware wallet designed for use with Gatekeeper, a revolutionary open source projected designed to serve as an audit for and every one of your transactions. If you decide you'd like an extra layer of protection for the coins you've worked so hard to earn.

Multi-Sig Protection

"By using a multisig wallet, users are able to prevent problems caused by the loss or theft of a private key. So even if one of the keys are compromised, the funds are still safe."
- Binance Academy

Yeah, Multi-Signature Protection's great. KoinKeep's made it even more useful by introducing a brand new process unique to the KoinKeep wallet.

When you buy KoinKeep, you'll receive three devices, each containing one of three private keys. As long as you can access at least two out of three KoinKeep devices, you'll be able to access your funds.

Lost one of your devices? Don't worry for even a moment — thats why we gave you three.

Multi-Layer Protection

Sure, the hardware's great on our competitor wallets — but what if someone physically got ahold of the hardware itself during manufacturing or shipping?

If that were to happen, you'd have a major security concern and every last bitcoin deposited into that wallet would be at the mercy of the attacker.

With KoinKeep, you can rest assured that's not going to happen. When you set up your wallet, you'll also install an artifact on your phone that you'll need to interact with before giving up your Bitcoin.

Think of it as two-factor authentication for Bitcoin transactions.

Better yet, think of how easy you'll rest knowing that absolutely no one is getting through the KoinKeep.

Bluetooth Accessibility

Desktop and laptop computers are not necessarily secure. We could tell you a million horror stories about friends who've lost their entire wallets through laptop theft, or we could tell you about our solution.

If you want to access your KoinKeep directly from a mobile phone, you can do that with KoinKeep's Bluetooth capabilities.

You'll enjoy how easily you can access your own wallet. You'll LOVE that it's next to impossible for anyone — especially thieves — to get anywhere near your coins.

Don't leave your coins vulnerable for even one more moment.

Get KoinKeep today.

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