KoinKeep - Multi Signature Security


Multi Signature Security

A security feature KoinKeep supports out of the box is splitting the key to your Bitcoin safe across multiple devices. Your KoinKeep kit comes with a beginner set of three devices.

Any two of these devices is required to access you funds. By splitting them in this manner, you achieve extra security while also protecting you from the most common path to Bitcoin losses -- losing them! That's right, turns out most individuals that lose their Bitcoins they don’t have them stolen, they just lose their keys. By storing the keys to your safe in three chunks -- you can lose one without consequence!

Once setup store these three devices in separate, secure locations. The must be stored seperately to get the security benefits of 'Multi Signature Security'.

Once separated the devices never need to be combined again. To make a withdrawal, initiate it on your phone. Then physically take your phone to two of your devices and have them 'cryptographically sign' the transaction.

Deposits are easier. Simply use the deposit address on your phone and funds will be put into your 'multi signature secure' safe automatically without ever having to physically visit the devices.

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