KoinKeep: World’s Most Physically Secure Bitcoin Wallet


How secure are your Bitcoins?

KoinKeep is the first Bitcoin wallet to secure against physical attacks.


If you aren't using multi-layer protection, you are putting your Bitcoins at risk.

KoinKeep emplos 2fac-multisig to secure your Bitcoins. Download the KoinKeep app to manage funds stored on KoinKeep wallets. Funds cannot be moved your wallet alone because one of the factors is stored on your phone — both devices must work in tandem. Because one of the factors is on your phone, attackers must compromise both your phone and hardware wallet.


The combination of multi-layer and multi-sig protections creates the most physically secure storage wallet every created.

KoinKeep delivers the multi-signature protection familiar to many Bitcoin users, and has made the protection more accessible to users who are less familiar with the technology. KoinKeep wallets are designed to be used in sets of three. Each individual wallet holds one private key piece. Do not fear if one wallet is lost, only two of three wallets are required to access funds. This protects users from the common problem of Bitcoins disappearing due to wallet loss or theft.


Additional security can be found in the KoinKeep developed open-source Gatekeeper software

The creators of KoinKeep have released an open-source tool called Gatekeeper that can be used with any bitcoin storage device to verify withdrawals and addresses. Use Gatekeeper to confirm your funds are going where they are supposed to, avoiding false addresses, change theft, and sweep theft that viruses or malware implement to steal your funds. By using this separated and open-source verifier your security model is much better than a hardware screen could provide. Don't trust, verify.


Take control of your Bitcoin security. Get KoinKeep today.


Not ready for a hardware wallet yet? Download our software wallet for free, and integrate a KoinKeep Vault later!