KoinKeep: World’s Most Physically Secure Bitcoin Wallet


They're YOUR coins.

Using KoinKeep means it stays that way.

KoinKeep is the only cold wallet on the market offering you and your coins multi-sig, multi-layer protection. No one's even getting close to your coins.


If you aren't using multilayer protection, you're putting your hard earned Bitcoins at risk.

KoinKeep is the first hardware wallet to offer multilayer protection. To this end, KoinKeep installs an artifact on your phone itself that users need to interact with in order to withdraw funds. However, interaction with the artifact itself is not sufficient: the user must also interact with the KoinKeep hardware wallet to withdraw funds, resulting in multiple layers of verification required before funds can be withdrawn. It's akin to two step verification for your Bitcoinwallet.


Combine that with Multi-Sig Protection you already know and love for the most physically secure cold wallet available.

Koinkeep also delivers the multi-signature protection familiar to consumers of hardware Bitcoin wallets, but makes the protection more accessible to users by introducing a new process. Each user receives three individual KoinKeep pieces, with each KoinKeep piece containing one private key out of three. As long as users can make sure they have access to at least two of the three KoinKeep pieces provided, users can access their funds. This prevents users from losing access to their entire wallet unnecessarily due to loss or theft.


Want one more layer of security? Use Gatekeeper, the open-source audit technology.

Gatekeeper is an open-source project for verifying withdrawal and deposit addresses. Think of it like an audit. Before publishing important Bitcoin transactions — run it through this tool to verify the security of your funds.

Since funds can be stolen by a withdrawal transaction or deposit address manipulation, using this tool to verify them protects you against all attack vectors except entropy attacks.


Don't leave your coins vulnerable for even one more moment. Get KoinKeep today.


Not ready for a hardware wallet yet? Download our software wallet for free, and integrate a KoinKeep Vault later!